The Kids Humanitarian Award recognises the unsung superheroes working in the Kids humanitarian field.

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Who is eligible for the Kids humanitarian Award?

How do you identify your Hero

This individual will have demonstrated great courage and creativity in their work, the power to inspire others, the ability to lead as well as to follow, and incredible integrity in difficult circumstances. This work could be in one of the following areas: disaster relief, human development, refugee assistance, civil society, equitable economic development, health, environment, education, population or public policy


We cover a wide range of all the various sectors you can think of in the humanitarian, philanthropist and corporate social responsibilities, ranging from Music , Art , Talent ,banking and finance, agriculture, theatre and arts, journalism, fashion, law, sports, event ma engagement, health, technology and innovation amongst others..


The selection process is determined by the number of votes an individual receives, Voters can be anonymous and points of recommendation are accepted.


To recognize and celebrate humanitarians who demonstrate or impact individuals or society through their exceptional leadership.




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To recognise and celebrate stand-out individuals from the humanitarian and development community. This award is a testament to the courage and dedication that they put into their line of work to make the world a better place.

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